The answers to our most frequently asked questions

What are the benefits of Healthy Creations Meals?

We do all the menu planning, grocery shopping, prep work and clean-up… this means more fun time with your family!

Healthy, nutritious, organic meals using a variety of seasonal produce, free-range/hormone free meats and whole grains to insure your family is eating a well-balanced diet.

Cost Savings–at an average cost of  $8-$10 per serving there is significant savings over take-out, prepared unhealthy foods and buying ingredients you use once then throw out!

What kind of food do you use?

We strive to use the very best ingredients for our meals.

  • All of our produce is organic and we use locally grown whenever possible.
  • All of our meats and poultry are free-range, hormone free and grain or grass fed and some is organic. We vary our menu every month so our meats change, and are not always organic, however we never use any meat that was fed antibiotics or hormones and it’s always free-range. Our fish are wild and free of dyes.
  • We use whole wheat and gluten free alternative grains and pastas. We use brown rice, whole wheat and quinoa grains and never white rice and processed grains.

Healthy Creations gives you a chance to eat healthy and organic at an affordable price and without a big time commitment.

Are the meals complete meals?

The majority of our meals come complete, however we do recommend pairing them with a light salad or vegetable (although sometimes they come with veggies too!). We like to make life easy so we also have a variety of sides and what we call “Freezer Friendly Favorites” (ready to heat entrees) available for purchase.

What if I am on a diet? Can you accommodate this?

Yes! We absolutely want to help you with your health goals! Most of our meals come with a nutritional analysis.  All of our meals are naturally low in calories and only contain healthy fats.  You can always alter the ingredients to fit your calorie goals as well–use less cheese, no salt, etc.

I am Gluten and/or Casein Free- can you accomodate this?

 Yes!  We have gluten free and casein or dairy free alternatives for almost all of our meals.  To see if we have an alternative available, click on each menu item for a description.  There it will say if an alternative is available.  If you have a question about a certain menu item, please give us a call!  For our casein free meals we have raw goat cheese available as a substitute. Half is $4 extra and Full is $8 extra.  For our dairy free customers we offer a non-soy vegan cheese.  We charge an additional $2 per meal for a half serve, $4 per meal for a full serve to substitute goat or dairy free alternatives because of the added cost of these ingredients.

How big are your serving sizes?

Our serving sizes are generous and practical.

A FULL serves 4-6 people.  They are protein heavy meals– a full usually has about 2lbs of protein (chicken, steak, etc) along with the other items in the dish.

A HALF serves 2-3 people.  Again, they are protein heavy and usually include about 1lb of protein along with the other items included in the dish.

How are the meals packed?

We use a combination of pans, foil, Ziploc bags and vacuum sealed bags to pack your meals. We provide everything that is needed (other than the cooler). We can provide boxes BUT HAVE TO CHARGE AN EXTRA $1/PACK (OUR COST) IF YOU NEED ICE PACKS. We RESPECT our environment and want to minimize our impact on it. Please give us a call if you are planning a dinner party and would like to provide us with a special pan or nice dish to serve your meal.

What is the recommended procedure for thawing the food?

When you receive the meals, keep the meals you plan to eat in the next 2-3 days in your fridge (fish dishes are 1-2 days) and place the rest in your freezer. The evening before you would like to cook your food (24 hours) take the meal out of your freezer and put it in to your refrigerator. If it is not completely thawed when it’s time to cook it, increase the cooking time according to the cooking instructions we provide. NEVER thaw any food on the counter top – this can cause food borne illness!!  

What if I need to cancel or reschedule?

Due to the amount of planning involved in preparing the meals, we require a 24 hour notice to cancel or reschedule your order. If you are unable to give us 24 hours we will require payment in full however we will credit your account 50% of the total to be used at a later date. If you are unable to pick-up the meals during your designated time, we will store them in our freezer for up to 3 days.

Will my children enjoy the meals?

We strive to make each meal family friendly while still offering a variety of ethnic and American foods. We usually offer 12 meals choices and the opportunity to leave out any ingredients that your family does not like.

Why Organic?

The labeling on certified organic foods tells you that the food was grown and produced in accordance with U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) standards. These standards prohibit the use of synthetic pesticides, genetically modified organisms or ingredients GMO’s, irradiation, and the use of “sewage sludge” as fertilizer. Organic livestock eat organic feed and are not given antibiotics or hormones, and have access to pasture. Organic products are grown in healthier soils, which contain higher levels of nutrients. Organic farmers are working in harmony with nature, and are actively nurturing land for our benefit, as well as that of our children’s children. Consuming organic food:

  • Shows respect for our land (organic farming does not deplete valuable nutrients from the soil)
  • Shows respect for our water supply (organic farming practices reduce the toxic run-off into our water supply)
  • Means the food has more nutritional value, according to research done by nutritionist Virginia Worthington, and reported in the article Organic Farming, Food Quality and Human Health.
  • Means consuming far fewer pesticide residues than “conventional” foods grown using toxic pesticides, herbicides and synthetic fertilizers which can contribute to health problems. These were the findings of a 2002 study led by the Consumer Union of Consumer Reports.
  • Tastes better! Organic foods are often locally produced, thus they travel less distance to reach the consumer and are generally fresher.

If you have any other questions please give us a call at (760)815-0204 or send us an email at: